Remoter’s Life: Samuela Davidova

This Week’s featured Remote Worker is Samuela Davidova, a Future Cyber Security Analyst 🚀 that travels the world while working remotely. This is how she makes remote work, work for her.

I am optimistic, I love traveling and enjoying every day. I also love studying, I am now studying for my Ing. degree in IT Management with a focus on Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.

Lisi Lake, Tbilisi, Georgia

I will be just starting a new position at a company having various IT projects. They are a remote-first company, which I am super excited about. I also love that it can provide me a perfect insight into various software, tools, and techniques. The projects should be partly focused on cyber-security which I would love to get into. Unfortunately, I cannot describe more impressions yet.

Not really. This depends on where I am. I usually simply work at a table in the flat.

I love to wake up in the morning, go running, take a shower, get breakfast and start working. Once done, I go out for a walk, swimming to the sea, or on a short trip, depending on where I am. Last 9 months, I was working in the evenings as IT support. So I woke up in the morning, went to the gym, then I had school courses, I was cooking something, went for a walk or run, meditated and then started working till night. It was great with the curfew.

I keep notes of everything. I also schedule weekly goals and try to achieve them. Usually, these are some extra courses I want to take. If I have too many things to do, I schedule the whole day, minute after minute. This helps me to achieve my goals better. Usually, I am not that strict and I just plan what I would like to do on that day. This really depends on the tasks.


MacBook Air 2020 (M1)

Meditations, running, walking/hiking

Everything! I am happy I do not spend time commuting to the office and the distraction in the office. I can be anywhere in the world, discover different places in my free time. I never have a stereotype.

Thank you Samuela!


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