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Meet Martina Dalla Valle, Product Designer at TIER living in Berlin, currently in Paros, Greece. Read her interview to learn how she works remotely.

I am originally from Italy but I am located in Berlin, as my company works fully remote I am quite free to work from wherever I want.

I am also a yoga teacher and a sport addicted, especially scuba diving 🤿

© Nienke Appels

Meet Nienke Appels, Brand & Content Strategist from Holland, living in Bali, Indonesia. This is how she makes remote work, work for her.

I’m born & raised in Holland but when I was 18 I move to California for 1 year. This year changed my life so after coming back I soon realized Holland was just too small for me; there is so much more to see!

I’ve obtained my BSc in Milan (Italy& London), travelled a lot, and now I’ve been based in Bali for 9 months already.

Linda is a Teamlead Sales & Marketing for a cloud company while traveling the world. Read her interview to learn how she works remotely.

I’m Linda, 26 year old with German roots and have been working remotely since beginning of 2020.

I love travelling around the world, living at new places and getting to know foreign cultures.
Luckily my current employer allows me to do all of that while working. To take my workspace with me wherever I go.

I love having a balanced work-life and thus spending my spare time doing yoga, joining local social activities or doing volunteer work. Life has so much to offer!

Meet Kelly Davis who is Director of Data and Analytics and travels the world while working remotely. Currently she is in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

I was born in Germany, raised on a farm in South Alabama, and lived in NYC for 9 years.
During the pandemic, I put my things into storage and started life as a digital nomad.
From medicine to owning my own company to getting my MBA in Information Systems, I have a background full of jumping at opportunities as they arise.
I believe in challenging yourself and trying new things; playing it safe almost scares me more than whatever scary thing I am facing! …

This week’s featured Remote Worker is Thorsten Borek, co-founder of WE ARE NEON and Collaboration Expert from Hamburg, currently working remotely with his husband from Thasos, Greece.

I’m a 44 years old Rick Astley + Kylie Minoque fan, dog owner and co-founder of WE ARE NEON — Collaboration Experts from Hamburg, Germany, business graduate.
Ex-advertising and digital agency head Focus topics: User centricity, growth/ sales and collaboration

Sandra Mazilevskyte

Can’t stop, won’t stop sharing our favorite Remote Workers from around the world with you. This week: Sandra Mazilevskyte, Talent Acquisition Partner, from Kaunas, Lithuania. This is how she makes remote work, work for her.

I was playing volleyball professionally for 10 years and played for national team once. As I am artistic person I was dancing modern dance for 10 years, been making jewellery and now practising some acrylic painting.

My biggest passion is exploring new places and travelling. I already visited 22 different countries and since lockdown I am getting to know more my own country.

This year I put myself into the project — eat less meat and more vegetables, which gives me so many delicious options to cook more healthy food and now I planning to write my own blog and…

This week’s featured Remote Worker is Maxi Frini, an Audio Engineer, Musician and Music Producer, from Argentina who travels the world with his wife. At the moment they are in Egypt. This is how he makes remote work, work for him.

I’m an Audio Engineer, Musician, and Music Producer, from Argentina, currently traveling around the world with my wife. I’m absolutely passionate about music and audio in general and have been fortunate enough to make this my career.

I discovered what freelancing was a few years ago and knew that’s what I wanted to do since it would give me the freedom to keep pursuing my professional and creative goals while not being tied up to a country or a city.

I enjoy listening to and playing music, getting to know new places, people, and cultures, reading, learning, and exercising.

It’s been a while since we launched our interview series and we are pretty proud how many amazing remoters we were able to showcase for you.

This Week’s featured Remote Worker is Elisa Borgato, a Web Writer, living in Padova, Italy. Some months ago she quit her career as a travel agent and started, a Blog where she writes about Japan. Check out how she makes remote work, work for her.

Some months ago I quit my travel agent career to start an independent path. I wanted to pursue my lifetime dream and dedicate myself to writing.

I opened some months ago a Blog, LeggiMee, where I write about Japan. I used to travel a lot in that country, and I have studied its language…

This Week’s featured Remote Worker is Samuela Davidova, a Future Cyber Security Analyst 🚀 that travels the world while working remotely. This is how she makes remote work, work for her.

I am optimistic, I love traveling and enjoying every day. I also love studying, I am now studying for my Ing. degree in IT Management with a focus on Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.

Meet Godswill Okokon, Software Engineer at Analog Republic, living in Abuja, Nigeria. This is how he makes remote work, work for him.

My name is Godswill Okokon, I am a Software Engineer from Nigeria. I was born and currently stay in Nigeria. I spent most part of my life in a city called Calabar. I recently move to the Federal Capital.

When I am not solving problems or building software, you’d catch me watching war-related documentaries, anime, mystery and Sci-fi movies.

I’m big on growth and as such, I’m actively learning and engaged with friends and the community. I am also co-organizing the React Native Nigeria community as giving back to the community has always been in my heart.


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