Remoter’s Life: Thorsten Borek

This week’s featured Remote Worker is Thorsten Borek, co-founder of WE ARE NEON and Collaboration Expert from Hamburg, currently working remotely with his husband from Thasos, Greece.

I’m a 44 years old Rick Astley + Kylie Minoque fan, dog owner and co-founder of WE ARE NEON — Collaboration Experts from Hamburg, Germany, business graduate.
Ex-advertising and digital agency head Focus topics: User centricity, growth/ sales and collaboration

Thorsten with his husband and their dog

Facilitators help to clarify outcomes and establish collaboration that leads to results and learnings. So you spend less time in meetings and more time being productive.

NEON is a distributed agency that helps product teams work better together. Virtually and on site.

Yes, we’ve sublet office space from brand eins magazine in Hamburg because it’s nice and inspiring to be around smart people. But since day one of NEON we’ve worked remotely.

We started NEON on a roadtrip along Highway Nr.1 in California and won our first big pharma client against stiff competition from established consultancies with nothing more than a laptop, determination and professionalism.
And because it’s fun to work with us :)

At our desks at 8am with a standup meeting.
We’ll try to finish at 3pm.
Once a week we have a 2hr planning session.
Once a quarter a 2 day offsite.

From September on we’ll switch to a 4 day workweek.

Slack, Asana, G Suite, Debitoor, Zoom and Mural.

Macbooks and iPhones.
To work professionally we also have a second screen, headset, ring lights, external keyboard and mouse. If we stay longer we have it with us.

Reading autobiographies.
Learning to play instruments.

While founding NEON on our first road trip we’ve met Silicon Valley people, attended a conference which led to work for Google, Twitter and Uber in San Francisco. Being on the road led to opportunities a small company like ours wouldn’t have had under usual circumstances.

To work remotely you need to be better structured and organised which fixes a lot of problems onsite teams usually have.

The birthplace of “Silicon Valley”

Thank you Thorsten!

This interview was initiated by Luc, the founder of Remotewx.

Thorsten on LinkedIn:
NEON’s Website:

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