Sandra Mazilevskyte

Remoter’s Life: Sandra Mazilevskyte

Can’t stop, won’t stop sharing our favorite Remote Workers from around the world with you. This week: Sandra Mazilevskyte, Talent Acquisition Partner, from Kaunas, Lithuania. This is how she makes remote work, work for her.

Q: Sandra, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was playing volleyball professionally for 10 years and played for national team once. As I am artistic person I was dancing modern dance for 10 years, been making jewellery and now practising some acrylic painting.

My biggest passion is exploring new places and travelling. I already visited 22 different countries and since lockdown I am getting to know more my own country.

This year I put myself into the project — eat less meat and more vegetables, which gives me so many delicious options to cook more healthy food and now I planning to write my own blog and share my recipes with other people.

Q: Can you tell us more about your job?

I’ve been working in HR field for 10 years and now I work as a Talent Acquisition Partner at “Nord Security” company which gives true online privacy and security to as many people as possible. I am not only identifying talent, engaging talent, assessing talent and getting them on board but turning every hiring manager at “Nord Security” into a recruiting hero. I love meeting new people with various backgrounds from all over the world and bring new opportunities to their professional lives.

Q: What does your typical workday look like?

My morning usually starts slowly. I wake up at 7 am, do stretching exercises and meditate. After I make myself breakfast and have a cup of coffee. If I am working by the sea, I start my morning by walking in the beach and doing some breathing exercises. My work starts at 9 am and usually ends up at 6 pm. Normally I have 4–7 online interviews per day, catch up calls with colleagues and hiring managers, sourcing people and writing loads of messages.

Q: What tools do you use to stay productive?

Google calendar — where I organise all my weekly tasks.

Google hangouts/zoom/teams — for virtual team meetings and online interviews with candidates.

ATS (applicant tracking system) — for navigating my candidates between different recruitment stages.

Slack — for daily conversations with my colleagues.

LinkedIn or other platforms — to connect with potential candidates.

Q: What is your current workspace setup?

Laptop, mobile phone, airpods, notebook (just not to forget hand writing) and bottle of water.

Q: Your favourite unplugged activity

Cooking healthy food and exploring new tastes and recipes. I never miss any episode of “Masterchef”, “My Kitchen Rules” and “Top Chef”.

I love spending time in nature, so I walk a lot and trying to visit all “glamping” places in Lithuania. And as my horoscope sign is pisces I am a fan of all water sports as wakeboarding, paddle boarding, surfing and sailboarding.

Q: What do you like most about working remotely?

First of all of having possibility to work from anywhere. It helps to concentrate more, be independent and I love cooking my lunch by myself. Remote job taught me work harder with my time management, organisation skills and how to not forget yourself. Since I am hiring people from anywhere it’s beneficial to me to be in their shoes.

Thank you Sandra!

Sandra’s LinkedIn Profile:…/
Sandra on Instagram: sandra_mazilevskyte

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