Remoter’s Life: Godswill Okokon

Meet Godswill Okokon, Software Engineer at Analog Republic, living in Abuja, Nigeria. This is how he makes remote work, work for him.

My name is Godswill Okokon, I am a Software Engineer from Nigeria. I was born and currently stay in Nigeria. I spent most part of my life in a city called Calabar. I recently move to the Federal Capital.

When I am not solving problems or building software, you’d catch me watching war-related documentaries, anime, mystery and Sci-fi movies.

I’m big on growth and as such, I’m actively learning and engaged with friends and the community. I am also co-organizing the React Native Nigeria community as giving back to the community has always been in my heart.

I work at Analog Republic as a Software Engineer. I build mobile applications using React Native. AR is an awesome company with beautiful team-mates and apart from the fact that the work culture here is great and warm, we also always work on exciting projects, one of the best things about working in AR is our flexible working time, it’s always fun working here.

Yes I do have a work office at home, but occasionally when I need fresh air I work in a cafe.

I wake up, check my mails and calendar to know what to expect for that day, got out for jogging, get back and while resting before I get a shower I check what’s happening on twitter, after shower time, I get breakfast ready and get ready for work, normal take a break after 3 or 4 hours to clear my head, I could take a walk or reply messages I missed during the morning, then I have lunch, if I was at a cafe I would be heading home before resuming work but if I was home I would resume work right away and work for the next 4 to 5 hours before calling it a day.

Toggl to track time, Google Calendar to make sure my day is itemised, YouTube Music because Music is life, Feeds from Twitter to clear my head when I feel blocked or bored.

Laptop, two 27 inches monitors, bluetooth speaker.

Workspace setup

Morning walk, Gaming, Meeting new people, trying out new restaurants / cafes.

“Remote is the future and it’s here. I loved every bit of it, working from the comfort of my home has been so warming and important because I am closer to my family.”

Remote has made the world a small village and brings together the best minds to come together from different parts of the world while building the future from the comforts of our homes. I have been working for different firms and companies remotely for some time now and I must say remote is the best thing that happened to my career and the tech ecosystem at large. Working remotely has brought flexibility to how I work and has been positive to my work culture and work lifestyle, it has reduced work burn-out for most cases and it’s the most healthy way to develop beautiful applications.

Thank you Godswill!

Connect with Godswill

LinkedIn: @godswill-okokon
Twitter: @GodswillOkokon
Instagram: @_godswillokokon
Medium: @Godswill Okokon

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