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  • Handsome Kev

    Handsome Kev

    Seeking Happiness through expressing Gratitude Big Happy is an expert at napping and juggling and struggles every day at being the best Dad possible

  • Godswill Okokon

    Godswill Okokon

    Software Engineer

  • Godwin Asuquo

    Godwin Asuquo

    GDG Calabar Assistant Organizer | Software Developer

  • Craig Childs

    Craig Childs

    Multi-pronged web developer with a passion for cutting edge tooling!

  • EstelleAj


  • Gary Schatz

    Gary Schatz

  • Ashis Kumar Panda

    Ashis Kumar Panda

    Democratizing AI | Looking for challenging problems | Connect @

  • Marius Bongarts

    Marius Bongarts

    Software Engineering Analyst @ Accenture Interactive. I write about Typescript, Web Components, Frontend Frameworks, Chrome Extensions, and Software Principles.

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